PJJF, after its formation in 1996, gained its first affiliation with the Ju-Jitsu International Federation (JJIF), the international body for Ju-Jitsu, in January 1997; thus enabling Pakistani nationals to participate and compete in World Championships whilst representing their country.  In 2006, the Asian Ju-Jitsu and Belt Wrestling Federation granted PJJF recognition and allowed players to participate in the Asian Championships for both sports i.e. Ju-Jitsu and Belt Wrestling. In the following year, the Federation also got affiliation with IBWA. The Pakistan Ju-Jitsu Federation achieved due recognition with the Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) in 2011 and got registered with the Pakistan Sports Board and the Ministry of Inter Provincial Coordination in 2012.




The JJIF is the international forum for Ju-Jitsu where the National Official Sport Authorities can debate issues related to the practice of Ju-Jitsu in order to establish International Programmes and activities, and in order to elect the institutions, which will implement them. As JJIF is Full Member of GAISF (General Assembly of International Sports Federations) and IWGA (International World Games Association) it is the only world-wide governing body of Ju-Jitsu.


JJAU is the governing body Ju-jitsu in Asia duly recognized by Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) and Ju-jitsu International Federation(JjIF). 





IBWA is an organisation that serves as an international platform for popularizing and developing traditional wrestling/ belt wrestling throughout the world irrespective of race and political followings. The Association takes part in the exchanging of know-how, knowledge, information and data referring to the traditional wrestling/ belt wrestling which, in turn, contributes to its development and popularization on local, national, regional and international levels.  

IBWA (International Belt Wrestling Association) is an officially registered international governmental body for belt wrestling sport. IBWA was re-registered in Moscow in April 2006 with the line of congress decision in September 2005 in Kazan, during the 4th Belt Wrestling World Championships. IBWA is associate member of IATWS (International Association of Traditional Wrestling Sports)





The Asian Ju-Jitsu & Belt Wrestling Federation was founded in 2006 by its President Mr. Khalil Ahmed Khan and the Minister of Sports of Kazakhstan in Almaty-Kazakhstan in the 1st Asian Ju-Jitsu & Belt Wrestling 2006. With collaboration of the Ju-Jitsu International Federation and the International Belt Wrestling Association these two sports of ju-jitsu and belt wrestling came together under one organization to provide a forum for Asian countries to be able to play along with each other and promote mutual peace and development through the sports.




Pakistan Olympic Association is the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Pakistan. The association was established in 1948 to oversee the active participation of the newly independent state at the Olympiad. Over the years, the association has been responsible for fundraising and setting up the management of delegations for the Olympic Games. As an NOC, the association is the first contact point for the International Olympic Committee. Some of its members are also active participants in various management activities at the IOC. 

Within the country, the association remains the oldest sports body. It was the premier regulator of sports activities in Pakistan from 1948 until the establishment of Pakistan Sports Board in 1962. The association continues to develop programmes in co-ordination with its affiliated bodies to promote sports at various levels. It is also responsible for Pakistan's representation at the Commonwealth Games and organising the annual National Games event.



Pakistan Sports Board was established under the Ministry of Education through the Sports (Development and Control) Ordinance, 1962 as a corporate body for the purposes of promoting and developing uniform standards of competition in sports in Pakistan comparable to the standards prevailing internationally, and regulating and controlling sports in Pakistan on a national basis.

Pakistan Sports Board being the supreme body of sports monitors the activities/affairs of National Sports Federations affiliated to it and ensure proper utilization of annual and special grants given by the Board. The annual grants are released to the National Federations to meet their day to day expenses whereas special grants are meant for participation and holding of international sports events. These grants are allocated/approved by the Executive Committee of Pakistan Sports Board keeping in view the popularity of games, achievements of international level and activities of the Federations. At present, 40 National Sports Federations are affiliated with the Board. Each Federation is responsible for promotion and development of its respective game/sports.