Organizational Code

1. The organization code for the PJJF is in conjunction with the PJJF constitution/ bye laws, and the competition rules of JJIF will be the binding document for the holding of Ju-Jitsu Championship/event in Pakistan. This organization code is binding for all competitions held under the responsibility and the auspices of the PJJF.

2. The Management of PJJF shall plan a series of national level championships/events to be held in Pakistan on an annual or bi-annual basis. It shall then allocate the organization of National Championship to the respective affiliates or appointed committee.

3. The organization committee or the appointed affiliated unit of the PJJF will be responsible to the management of PJJF for the proper holding of Ju-Jitsu Championship in Pakistan. The PJJF management will have the final jurisdiction over all Ju-Jitsu championships in Pakistan.

4. When organizing a championship, the organizing committee will produce a proposal concerning the organization of the championship to the management of PJJF three months prior to the date of the championship.

5. The holding of national championship and the work of the referees will be supervised by the PJJF General Secretary or Associate Secretary (about organization) and the Technical Committee (about technical matters), or, other person’s (s) appointed by the President of PJJF.

6. The official PJJF competition rules must be applied to and observed at all PJJF competition. Contest rules in the National Competitions only are modified after the approval of the PJJF Executive Board.

7. Affiliates of the PJJF may apply to hold championships under the auspices of the PJJF. The application must be made in writing with the commitment to adhere to the organization code and other related bye laws of PJJF.

8. Affiliates need not apply to the PJJF to hold championships at the club or district level. The management of PJJF must however, be kept informed of the championships in writing at least one month prior to the date of the championship. It is the onus of the organization body to ensure that all the organizing code, rules and regulations of the PJJF are appropriately adhered to. The PJJF may take the required corrective actions on the organizing committee should it violate any rules, regulations organization codes, and requirements laid down by the PJJF.


9. The Technical Committee headed by Director Referee, the General Secretariat or person (s) appointed by the PJJF Management Committee shall serve as advisers to organizing committees or affiliates for the smooth organization of national championships.

10.The Management Committee of the PJJF shall have jurisdiction over all matter pertaining to championships at the National level.


11.The organizing committee for national level championships/event shall ensure that the required administrative, logistic and personnel support for the smooth operation of the competition are available.

12.The organizing committee shall provide a detailed program containing all dates, activities and locations that are relevant to the championships. The program must be coordinated with the management of the PJJF at least 3 months before the date of the championships. It shall be sent to all participating affiliates at least I month before the championships.

13.The competition hall shall be of a representative character and be sufficiently large to hold the requires competition area and the expected number of spectators (based on recommendation by the management of the PJJF).It should be able to support optimum audio-visual aids. There shall be sufficient reserved seats for the VVIP guests and members of the PJJF management.

14.The competition arena must have a one or two minimum of 12×12 meter tatami mats (conform to JJIF rules). It must also be equipped with the following:

a. Two electronic scoreboard or LCDs.

b. Clocks, gongs, flags in accordance with the competition rules.

c. Tables and chair for at least 30 officials.

d. Atleast 30 VVIP reserved seats

e. Main stage and podium for the medal ceremony.

15.In addition, there shall be a central table for the Jury (in charge of administration and discipline) and the other appointed representatives. This table shall be equipped with a microphone for central announcement.

16.The organizing committee shall provided a medical doctor on site and an ambulance on standby at the site of the competition itself.

17.The competition must also have the following rooms: a. Separate changing rooms and toilets for males and females. b. Separate weighing-in room for males and females. OPENING CEREMONY:

18. All championships shall start with an opening ceremony.

19. The ceremony shall comprise of the following elements:

a) March-in of the participants in alphabetical order, according to the name of the respective unit. All participants, accompanied by their Coach and team Manager, shall gather on the arena in an orderly manner. Participants shall wear either their Gi or official track suits during the ceremony. They shall not wear footwear onto the arena.

b. Welcoming address by the Chairman of the Organizing Committee.

c. Opening address by the President of the PJJF or the invited Guest-of-Honour

d. March-out.


20. The awarding of prizes shall be carried out immediately after the final bout of the day or competition (in case the competition last more than a day). A podium shall be provided for the medalists. The medals should carry the date of the competition and name of the championships. There shall be 1 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals for each category along with merit certificates. There are all categories according to JJIF rules or as per the prior agreement of the management of PJJF.


21. Organizers are strongly encouraged to arrange for press coverage of the championships. All statements or communications with the press or any broadcasting agencies will have to be made through an appointed spokesperson of the PJJF.


22. All affiliates of the PJJF are obligated to abide by this organization code. Any deviations, amendments, or modification in practice to this code will have to be approved by the management of the PJJF.i.e. Executive Board of PJJF or the President PJJF.


1. All participants of national level Ju-Jitsu championship of Pakistan will have to be:

a. A member of an affiliated units of the PJJF.
b. He/She must be a registered member of PJJF in good standing.
c. A citizen of, or permanent resident in Pakistan

2. All applications/entry forms to participate in the championships are to be submitted through the affiliated units. It is therefore, the responsibility of the respective affiliated units to ensure that their nominated participants qualify to compete in the championships, particularly in view of above mentioned (b) condition.


3. The drawing of the bout list shall take at least 1 day before the competition. All relevant persons attending the draw should get a notice of the date, time and place of the draw at least 2 days before the date of the draw. The draw shall come under the supervision of the Technical Committee of the PJJF or any person (s) appointed by the management of the PJJF.
4. The finalized bout list shall be signed by the Technical Committee or appointed person (s). It shall then be printed and distributed to the PJJF management and all participating affiliates within two hours from the time of the draw or at least two hours before the start of competition. Sufficient bout lists shall be printed and distributed to spectators and participants on the day of the competition or displayed on some permanent place or the warming up arena. A master bout list shall also be prominently display at the competition hall on the day of the competition itself.


5. A weigh-in committee shall be appointed is responsible for the entire weigh-in process in championship that comes under the auspices of the PJJF. It shall comprise of a Chief Weigh-In Controller and at least two male and two female Weigh-In officials. Alternatively, this committee may come from the Technical Committee itself.
6. Official weigh-in for each category shall take place on the evening proceeding the day of the competition in that category or on the same morning. The weigh-in session shall not last for more than 2 hours. Participants shall be allowed to check their own weights on the official weigh-in scale, I hour prior to the official weigh-in time. Participants may attempt the weigh-in more than once before official hour of the weigh-in.
7. Those who fail to weigh-in or not qualify for their weigh category within the official weigh-in hour shall be disqualified from the competition. The Female participants must wear their under garments during the weigh–in. There must be female officials for the weigh-in for female participants. No male official or coach allowed during that weigh-in for females.


8. Male and Female participants shall participate in the weigh-in in separate rooms. The weigh-in official shall be of the same gender as the participants going through the weigh-in.
9. Male participants shall weigh-in wearing only their briefs. Female participants shall weigh in wearing, T-shirt and the Gi trousers.
10. Each participant shall produce his/her official identity document (identity card or passports) to the weigh-in official. The official shall verify the identification against the weigh-in sheet as per entry form and note that the participant has presented himself / herself.
11. The official supervising the weigh-in scale shall note and record the participant’s weigh in kilogram to the nearest 1 decimal place. Any deviation above or below this weigh shall not be tolerated.
12. Each participant is only permitted to have ONE attempt in the official weigh-in.
13. No other persons including coaches/managers, other than the participant and the weigh-in official are allowed in the weigh-in room.
14. The chief controller of the weigh-in shall certify the validity of the weigh-in sheet by signing on it at the end of the weigh-in hour.

CONDUCT of Coaches during the Competition.

1. No coach less then Black Belt 1st Dan is allowed to sit in or accompanying the players near the arena/tatami.
2. No sign or vulgar gestures are permitted in the competition hall by any coach or participants. If found guilty he/she must face the permanent ban from the PJJF.
3. No shouting is allowed in the competition hall by any officials or participants.
4. For female participants only qualified female coach is allowed to sit-in or accompanying the players during at the time of competition or sit-in next to tatami.
5. Coaches/Managers of the teams shall be responsible to control their respective teams for any mis-behavior or violation of PJJF BYE LAWS.
6. Coaches/managers shall be responsible to take care of their respective athletes against the use of any doping substance. There shall be Zero tolerance in this regard.
7. Coaches must attend the anti-doping seminars duly organized by the PJJF prior to the championships and pass the guidance to their respective players.
8. No coach is allowed to lodge the protest against any decision by the referee, only respective manager of the team can submit written application by depositing Rs.10000/– fee which is refundable only in case the protest stands valid and accepted by the relevant committee or authority.
9. No coach or official is allowed to approach the Referee Table during the occurrence of the competition.
10. Contestants may be assisted by only one coach who stays at the limit of the contestant area during the match.
11. If the coach exhibits misbehavior towards the athletes, the referee, the audience or anyone else, the MR may decide to make him leave the area reserved to the officials for the duration of the match.
12. If the misbehavior continuous, the Main Mat Referee of the match may decide to make him leave the official area for the whole tournament.

Qualified Referees

1. Only qualified and certified referees shall be allowed to conduct the Championships or events under the auspices of PJJF.
2. At least three refresher courses are required to qualify/appear for the National Referee License.
3. Any affiliated unit/Association who failed to bring at least two National Licensed referees for the National Championship & 03 Referees for the National Games, would be under obligation to pay the penalty of Rs.10000/= to the PJJF.
4. To avoid this penalty all affiliated units are required to get their referees qualified by availing all refresher courses.
5. The Course Fee is Rs.5000/– per participant to be paid before the start of course to the PJJF bank account.