President Message

—–“The PJJF (Pakistan Ju Jitsu Federation) is now developing rapidly all over the Pakistan. Since December 1996 we had attained not only the Asian Champions titles, but brought many Gold and Silver medals for our motherland from the official Games under OCA.

The Pakistan Ju Jitsu Federation (PJJF) is the national federation, organizing the sport of jujitsu in the Pakistan. PJJF is the member of JJIF since 1997 and with Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) 2011 as well as with Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) since 2012.

JJIF is presently applying for the IOC recognition, and we hope that this goal can be obtained within a not to far future. The recent inclusion of Ju-Jitsu in International University Competition by FISU has boosted this sport all around the world. In Pakistan Ju-Jitsu was already part of inter-varsity Championships as well as Inter-board championships. A special attention has been given on the proper qualifications of coaches and referees and no body less than Black Belt (first dan) is allowed to coach not to compromise the standard of ju-jitsu in Pakistan.

The PJJF is for its further expansion all over the Pakistan relying on all serious jujitsu instructors and practitioners as well as all devoted leaders and event organizers. We need also the help from our different Member units and their Sport Authorities, especially regarding the above described PJJF Sport development plans. Together with the competitive sport development the league competitions could hopefully help, and give further support, to an increased future expansion of the sport of jujitsu in all the Pakistan.

I hope this new PJJF official website will give the possibilities to all our members, as well as to all others interested in our sport, to find all necessary information regarding our activities and development plans but also data from our competition and events. As we see it today, based on our recent past successful development, we have a great confidence in the future, both in the short time perspective as well as in the future long term development perspective!”—–

With greetings and my best regards!

Yours Sincerely,

PJJF (Pakistan Ju Jitsu Federation)

Khalil Ahmed Khan