Rules of Game


All competition held under the auspices of the PJJF shall be consistent with the IJJF in terms of organization, procedures, formats, rules and regulations.


Any protest on the referee’s decisions shall be lodged through the respective team’s manager to the Technical Committee in writting.This shall be deliberated upon on the spot,and the decision made by the Technical Committee shall be taken as final.


1. The competitor should wear white Ju-Jitsu gi/Judo gi. In case of Belt wrestling – special uniform for BW is a requirement for participation.

2. Female competitors must wear round-neck cotton T-shirt underneath uniform/gi.

3. The competitor should be registered member of his/her own respective club or association/unit duly affiliated with PJJF or directly by PJJF.

4. The competitor is not allowed to wear any kind of chain,ring or any other metallic thing which is dangerous to his/her opponent during competition

5. The competitor must have signed the waiver/indemnity form duly attested by his/her respective unit/association.

6. The competitor or his/her respective organization must cover all risk of injuries by getting health insurance prior to the competition.

7. During the competition no any coach or manager or supporter of the player is allowed to come over or near the Tatami, except allowed area.

8. The competitors are required to enter on tatami by following the bow procedure.

9. The competitors are required to stay on the mat/tatami until the competition is not declared officially over by the mat referee.